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About us

Oakland Assistance Chapter (OAC), a Milford, MI. based internet non-profit company founded in 2015, partners with local schools, courts, and law enforcement within Oakland County, Michigan and its surrounding areas to provide the following Online/In-person programs:

* Group Counseling
* Individual Counseling
* Community Service
* Youth Development and Economics
* Trade Tuition Reimbursement for Youth
* Nurturing Fathers Program (in and out of state prisons and jails)
* Long Term Prisoner Release Integration (coming 2022)

Our dedicated team is laser focused on the future of our community. While we target at risk youth, we hold hands with individuals going through court appointed counseling/community service, inmates, and long term release inmates.

What makes us different?

We help improve your quality
of life through education, and
to assist you in meeting your
court and probation